Yes, You Can Find Great Free Stuff!

Our landfills are being filled up with perfectly useable items every single day; people move, remodel and redecorate, casting off their old things that they no longer want. But there is a much better way! We all know that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure– so why not offer your unneeded things to someone that could really use them? On the flip side, why not score some things that you need absolutely FREE?

Many people think that people only give away junk. I can tell you that is not at all true. We have personally given away a perfectly good stove, brand new tires from a car that was wrecked, a dining room table and chairs and patio furniture.

dining table CLcl free tvs is one of the best places to find free things, and to recycle things you no longer need to other people. You simply sign up on the website at  You can even choose more than one area, if you are in a metro region where there are several closeby. I signed up for the areas nearest us in Akron and Cleveland to give away stuff I no longer need, and the one in the area nearest our little place in Florida to round up some things we need for here.  It’s a great community of like-minded, eco-friendly people that hate to see stuff end up in the landfill and are happy to give it to someone else instead. Just this morning, I scored this awesome big desk! 

desk free cl

Craigslist is a humongous website and most people know about buying and selling there, but I have found that lots of people haven’t stumbled upon the FREE section on CL. This is an area where people post all sorts of things– animals, furniture, moving boxes– you name it, check out Craigslist if you are looking for some good, basic things. No, you probably won’t find anything fancy, but you will find plenty of functional items. You may find a desk or dresser in good shape, but that needs painting or a couch that needs cleaned. A couch that needs a good cleaning is better than sitting on the floor, right?

These two sites have been extremely helpful to me for getting rid of things we (or any of our kids) don’t need, without the hassle of selling them.  Give it a try–it really is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

6 Responses to Yes, You Can Find Great Free Stuff!

  1. Great advice. I would rather recycle than throw away and whenever we have a bulky item we do not want anymore, we put it on Freecycle. Mel, visiting from #weeklylinkparty1

    • denisemgabbard

      Exactly– I hate throwing away something that I know somebody can use. I even dislike taking stuff to Goodwill because I would rather give it somebody than let somebody sell it to them.

  2. I hadn’t heard of freecycle before. Off to check them out now :) Thanks!

    • denisemgabbard

      Freecycle is very cool–I cannot imagine how much “stuff” has been kept out of landfills because of Freecycle.

  3. I love free stuff! I use CL but have not heard of freecycle. I will check them out!

    • denisemgabbard

      Freecycle is awesome– most people that use it are dedicated to keeping “stuff” out of landfills.

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