Thursday Thoughts: Life is Short, really LIVE it! itI have to apologize in advance, because what I am going to write is probably going to be a little rambling, and a lot sad. It will be somewhat therapeutic for me, I’m praying.  Hopefully you will really get it and make some changes in your life, if they are needed.

The past six months have been pretty rough for our family. In October, my husband’s oldest brother passed away. He had a stroke the year before and never got the proper care to recover. That was a long, hard year for us–we begged and pleaded to bring him home to Ohio for all those months. We finally did get him home, but the place where he’d been let his condition get so poor that he could not survive. As I said, he was the oldest and almost 20 years older than my husband…so he had a long life. It was filled with ups and downs, probably more than a few regrets, but he had plenty of time. live don't exist

In January, I got a phone call from my sister– and could not understand what she was trying to say. When she finally could speak intelligibly, she managed to get out that she’d just found our oldest brother passed away on his couch. He hadn’t been feeling well, but like lots of men, refused to go to the doctor. Worse, he had been gone for a few days. This was an experience I would not wish on my worst enemy– I felt horrible for my poor sister, and worse for my brother. His life for the ten years prior to his death were not good. His wife divorced him and took away his son, his reason for living– and yes, I can say that he definitely died of a broken heart, even though it took that long.

Angela and CharlieYesterday morning I got a phone call from my Mom, telling me to brace myself for bad news. The news was that my cousin Charlie had died. I had to keep asking, are you sure? Charlie, and not his dad, Chuck? Charlie was just 33 years old…healthy as a horse, as far as I know. I was there at the hospital the day he was born, just 10 months before our oldest son. (Yes, I am dating myself, and yes, I am a proud Grandma!)  This IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! The young people are supposed to outlive us older folks! My heart is truly broken over this–I cannot imagine how Angela,  his young wife,  is even dealing with it. I’m not sure I could live through it if something happened to Mark now.  But, and this is the only redeeming thing to come out of Charlie’s passing– he was the type of person that truly LIVED every moment. He loved his wife Angela with everything that he had, and she loves him dearly. Even though his life was very short, he had a good and happy life.

The moral of my story, of course— do not take ONE SECOND of your life for granted. Be happy, have fun, do what YOU want to do, love your friends and family like it was your last day on Earth; you never know when your time is up, and it will be. Make the most of it all, and smile every day. If there are people or situations in your life that just aren’t working, move on, and find your bliss.

This will be Charlie’s legacy to the family–to remind us all how important really living, deeply loving, and being truly happy is.

RIP Charlie…with all our love.

40 Responses to Thursday Thoughts: Life is Short, really LIVE it!

  1. Life really is too short. You have to embrace each and every day. You cannot get missed moments back and there’s nothing in life more important than family.

  2. Sorry to hear of your losses. They say bad news happens in 3′s, so I proclaim you officially bad-news-free!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your losses. That’s a lot for one family to go through. :(

  4. Oh man, so sorry for your loss. That is terrible that Charlie was taken so early in life. I will keep you in my thoughts.

  5. So sorry for your loss. I have been noticing more young people passing away and it makes you really live life to the fullest. I always worry what my last words will be to someone, because you just never know

  6. I’m firm believer in living each moment to it’s fullest every day.

  7. I agree. Life is too short and you can’t waste a moment or take anything for granted. I’m sorry for your loss.

  8. My mother passed away when I was younger, and we lost several other relatives within a short period of her death. It really put into perspective how short and precious life is.

  9. You are so right! I truly believe you have to live life to the fullest!!

  10. True, life is very short and it’s best to take the risks to do what you love than to sit back and play if safe hoping it works out in the end.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. My mom passed about 18 months ago and since then I have made my days count. It is so sad that a death is what reminds us to live.

  12. Life is way too short. I cannot believe it.

  13. I am so sorry for all of our losses, I could not imagine losing that many people in such a short time. I understand your saying to live life to it’s fullest, I started doing that about 3 years ago and have no regrets except that I did not do it sooner. I will pray for you and your family to help you deal with the pain and emptiness you must be going through.

  14. It’s sad. I love that he lived every moment of life though. That’s inspiring for the rest of us.

  15. I am so sorry for your losses. I hope sharing your story helped your healing process.

  16. I am very sorry for your losses. I remember losing family as a child and not knowing how to deal with it, shutting down rather. I agree about cherishing your loved ones because so many times we hold grudges and act like we have all the time in the world to fix a relationship. My boyfriend just beat cancer and we’re having a lot of adjustment issues after the chemotherapy and how it’s changed his mood but definitely taking time to step back and realize how lucky we are to have the people we love in our lives is what’s most important.

  17. This a very touching post and has stirred up some emotions in me. I lost my husband ten years ago. He was only 32 years old. Our son was only 2. It is still hard even today, but I can look back and see that he led a great life even though it was short

  18. sorry for your loss just we have had a rough spot as well when my brother died right after my grandpa died. will keep you in prayer

  19. That is terrible to hear! For me, it seems to run in 3′s. My cousins uncle just passed away (Country Singer Kevin Sharp), then my sis in laws friend just passed away, and I think my uncle may be next because they just put him on hospice.

  20. My goodness. I’m so sorry for all of this! Thank you for reminding us to make every moment count!

  21. Oh no I am so sorry to hear about your loss – it is so true, we never know what is around the corner. x

  22. Live is so short, we should all aim to accomplish all our goals and dreams no matter the risks.

  23. I’m really sorry for your lost. Please accept my condolences.

  24. Sorry to hear about the loss of a family member. It’s so true that our lives are really short. Hope your family finds comfort during this time.

  25. Thanks for sharing this. It’s so true and so important to not take life for granted. I am so sorry for the losses your family has experienced recently.

  26. Heartbreaking! =( May he rest in peace. When I was but a teen, I lost my dad. He’s last words to me were “I’ll be back” It was our thing. I miss him everyday and even more so knowing that my son didn’t get the chance to meet him.

  27. So very tragic. Sorry for your loses. It’s so true that we need to cherish every moment with our loved ones.

  28. You are right, life is definitely too short and one has to relish every single moment.

  29. So sorry to hear all about this. We do need to enjoy every moment.

  30. Aisha Kristine Chong

    My boyfie tells me the same time – always live life to its fullest!

  31. So sorry to hear about the sadness in your life. You are so correct in reminding us all that life is short and we have the opportunity to make the most of it. AND I also like to be reminded to tell those I love how much they mean to me on a regular basis just in case I never get the chance again.

  32. So sorry for so many losses in your life. I agree completely with what you’re saying!

  33. I’m sorry to hear about your loss. Sometimes unexpected tragedies serve as reminder that life in indeed brief and that we had better make the most of it.

    • denisemgabbard

      Been lots of sadness lately, this last one was just too much…so young and full of life :( Thank you.

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