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I have been working on getting fitter for what seems like forever. I blew out my knee a few years ago, and it took forever to get it fixed and then get it feeling good enough to workout–I gained so much weight!  Being a little older, it is more difficult to lose weight. (Okay, part of it is because Mark brings me chocolate…a lot.)

I signed up for my first 5k a few weeks ago, and even though my friend Dee and I walked– we finished just a touch over an hour…not bad for two old ladies doing their first one! We are also doing another 5k on June 7th…and we get rewarded with pierogies at the end of this one! I guarantee we’ll shave some time off that hour to make sure there are some left for us.  Our goal is to come in less than the 1 hour 3 minutes of the first one. We’ll have both our daughters kicking us in the butt this time…should be fun.  And in September, a 5K Mud Run, with obstacles!

Chances are, I will not run either of these coming up. I never really liked to run, even when I was really young and skinny, I always preferred riding my bike and I still do. With a surgically repaired knee, I don’t want to risk it. But, walking is excellent exercise, too… gets your heart pumping and oxygen into your lungs.

So to get ready for these things, I am setting up some goals for myself and posting them here to keep me accountable.

  1. Yoga everyday
  2. Weights every other day
  3. Walk/run 2 miles every other day
  4. Ten glasses of water a day.
  5. Eight hours of sleep every night

That’s it! I have three weeks to kick it into gear and be ready for this next one.