9 Really SIMPLE Christmas Trees

We are having a Pinterest party here this Saturday– and leaving for a couple of months (at least!) in Florida a few days after that.  We gave our pre-lit spinning Christmas tree to our daughter last year for her first year in their new house— so no tree here!

Not wanting to spend a bunch of money on a tree since we will not even be here for Christmas, I did what all frugal (okay, cheap) women would do—I took to Pinterest for some ideas on alternative Christmas trees.  And I was totally amazed at all the creative and thrifty ideas I found!

Check out all of these really awesome ideas– and click on the picture if you need information about how to put them together.

I never would have thought of this, but you could add faux garland to make it green, add lights and tinsel, even put a star or angel on top.

Christmas ladder tree http://bit.ly/1gDcZiq

Another really simple idea that I never would have thought of– and this would actually be perfect for us since our little Peanut visits us a lot. You could hang this branch tree from the ceiling, and kids, dogs and kitty cats could not reach it.

natural branch alternative Christmas tree

This is one I am going to make my first week in Florida. Perfect for anybody who loves the beach or coastal decor.

Coastal shell Christmas  tree

If you are a book lover, or a writer, this is a really cool idea. We had enough books around our house before I started whittling things down to do this. Maybe you do, too!

book tree

This is what I am making as my addition to the Pinterest party! It is made from a tomato cage and some garland—I might even cut some pine boughs from one of our trees and use the real thing. Some lights and a few decorations, and Voila!


If you are lucky enough to have a pine tree (or your neighbors do) why not whip up one or two of these cool trees?

pine cone trees

If you use lots of bottles during the year, recycle them into a pretty and eco-friendly tree like this. I have also seen this made from green beer bottles and wine bottles.

bottle tree

Okay, if money or space are tight, there is no reason not to be festive. This cool tree is four branches, a few lights and some decorations. I have seen these everywhere, but I think I like this really minimal one best of all.

log tree

And finally, anyone can put this cool wall tree together with just some fabric and a few coat hangers.

fabric wall tree

Check out my Pinterest Homemade Christmas board for more– I am kind of obsessed with these right now!






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